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Featured Video Slot Review From NetEnt

Name: Finn and the Swirly Spin (Click HERE to Play)

Themed: Yes

RTP: 96.62%

Provider: Net Entertainment

Released: Qtr 4 – 2017

About the game:

One of the best games to be released from NetEnt in a long time. Step foot into the mythical world of the Irish leprechaun, set in the rolling hills of the emerald isle. Join Finn on his magical journey as he explores the mystical Swirly Spin! You will get launched into a world of wonder when you start this game, unlike other slots the symbols move in a swirling fashion around the board towards the center where all the magic happens.

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Play Finn & swirly spin Here

Once you start, meet with the swirl, where the symbols are in the form of hearts or spades accompanied by a host of lucky symbols, the likes of the Lucky Horseshoe, a Glittering Ruby, a Golden Acorn and the Four Leaf Clover of Luck! Plus, at the start you will notice a golden key; the symbol that you need to unlock your pathway to the mystical lands of the Swirly Free Spins.

Finn and the Swirly Spin Game

Play Finn & swirly spin Here

The aim, travel around the Swirly Spin collecting 3 or more of the same symbols either horizontally or vertically to remove them from the swirl, this will award you a win. Once disappeared in their place you will receive a glowing star! That’s counted as the wild symbol, as they all move around the swirl towards the center. The Golden Key will also move around as the symbols disappear on its way to the center.

Free Bonus Rounds:

Finn and the Swirly Spin Game

Play Finn & swirly spin Here

  • Dragon Destroy

This bonus will randomly appear as Finn cast’s some magic to summon the mighty dragon to help you on your journey around the Swirl! The dragon will appear in a cloud of light and come destroy most of the symbols on the swirl enabling you and the Golden Key to move around the swirl much faster, this will bring you closer to the center lock!

  • Irish Luck

This bonus will also randomly appear as Finn cast’s another spell to create the Irish magic to help you on your way. Two traditional flagons of Irish beer will appear and cheers to you and the luck of the Irish! This, in turn, will remove a whole random line of symbols which will move the golden key that little bit closer to the center lock!

  • Magic Transform

This bonus will also randomly appear as Finn yet again cast’s more magic for you. You will see bright rainbows exploding from the famous pot of gold as this magic will come and change all of the heart and spade symbols on the swirl to one of the higher value symbols. This will then remove many of the symbols enabling you to move more swiftly towards the center lock!

  • Starfall Wilds

This bonus will also randomly appear again as Finn cast’s more magic to summon a number of the Glowing Stars to appear and replace 3-4 of the symbols in the swirl. Increasing your chances of reaching the center lock!

Play Finn & swirly spin Here

Free Spin Rounds:

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You may get lucky enough for the Golden Key to reach the middle of the swirl, as and when you do, you will get whisked off to the 4 different lands of free spins. Where the Golden Key will unlock the worlds as you collect enough keys enabling you to enter the bonus round.

Depending on the land you choose, you will receive an amount of Free Spins around the Swirl where the matched symbols will get replaced with glowing stars which in-turn counts as wild. The spin will continue until there are no more matches. The wins collected from each spin will get accumulated as you go and will get added to your original win before its banked!

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Play Finn & swirly spin Here

Bonus Requirements:

  • Star Bar requires only 1 Golden key and gives 7 Free Spins,
  • Lava Lair requires 4 Golden Keys and gives 3 Free Spins,
  • Lucky Mug requires 9 Golden keys and gives 4 Free Spins,
  • Golden Pot requires 16 Golden Keys and gives 2 Free Spins


In a nutshell, Finn and the Swirly Spins a great new addition from gaming provider NetEnt. Introducing the swirl reel, that’s a first for online slots. This works, this is a great game and keeps you engaged while playing. Bringing a new aspect for gamers and online casino lovers alike. If you haven’t played this slot yet, then its time you did. Do not miss this game.

Play Finn & swirly spin Here

9 out of 10

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