Casino Bonuses Explained

We are quite aware of the fact there are endless websites on the internet, aiming both low and high, making it a minefield for players searching for reliable sites to play, find out information on the best casino bonuses and so on. We have put together we think to be some useful information for novice and expert online casino players alike.

We take the utmost pride in promoting the best casino brands and are here to build a long-term relationship with all our readers. Being a reliable site, we want to share our knowledge, power, and experience to help and guide you and your fellow players. Many of the competitors will shamelessly try to promote anything they feel like to simply earn money, but you are wise to be careful, it’s important when dealing with online businesses.

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When it comes to online casinos and games, the bonus and incentives are one of the enticements to attract the players, get them motivated and interested at the same time. So, where can you find the exclusive bonuses? How much can you receive as a player? Also, what is their point?

Regarding online casino bonuses, if you visit any casino site on the web, you are likely to find several enticing bonuses. The casino operators work round the clock to come up with excellent bonuses to tempt new as well as existing players.

It is a universal fact that people like something for nothing. Although many online casinos offer the best welcome bonus and other promotions, it is imperative that the players participate in the games available at that site and fulfil certain requirements that seem impossible to complete. In most of the cases, you will have to make a minimum deposit and meet the wagering requirements before you can cash out the bonus money. This is an important factor when choosing your next online casino welcome offer or casino bonus.

Why that Casino Bonus?

All casino Bonuses are significant to players when it comes to online casino gambling. It basically gives you the player more useable funds to play on the real money games. You get to play more, more spins, more hands and play for longer because you have those extra funds sitting in your online casino account. This of course increases of course your chances of winning. It’s all a numbers game, the more spins or rounds you have the better chance you have of hitting the jackpot. Therefore, the casino bonus welcome offer is very attractive to new players.

When you access a casinos website, you will find that the operator offers several types of bonuses including the famous welcome bonus. The best way to take advantage of the bonus is to find the one that matches your needs and game preferences. Each bonus comes with different terms and conditions so it’s crucial that you get acquainted with them beforehand for a better playing experience. When you have the proper information about the potential bonus, you can play and use the funds wisely while placing your real money wager.

Once you meet the casino’s requirements for the given bonus, you can benefit from the free spins, extra cash, and several opportunities to earn more significant prize money.

Casino Bonus for Returning Customers

The main objective behind the welcome bonus is to join the casino as a new player. Then all the bonuses and special promotions are to make the players return to the casino time and time again. Online gaming sites are not like the land-based brick and mortar casinos in this regard. The idea is to give players enough funds so that they keep glued to the gaming screen for countless hours of fun and entertainment. At the same time, the bonus is the casino’s way of showing loyalty for being a regular player with the respective online gaming site. So, it’s a reward for returning players.

One of the best things about online casinos is the multitude of bonuses available to the players as compared to the land-based casinos. You will see several offers popping up on the screen and they may vary significantly in type and form. Some of the different bonuses available to players from online casinos are illustrated below.


Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeSign Up or Free Welcome Casino Bonus

This is the most obvious and eye-catching amongst all bonus types available in the iGaming industry. It is actually a welcome bonus offered exclusively to the new players for one time only. As soon as you create an account and verify the mobile number, you will be eligible for this bonus. You will have to make a first-time real money deposit in your account, and the operator will match the amount. Like for instance, you have deposited €500, then the operator will credit another €500 as bonus money. The total amount in your casino account becomes €1000, and you can use this money for placing real money wager. The bonus amount is generally credited within a few hours, and if not, you must contact the customer support with the respective casino operator.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeCustomer Loyalty Casino Bonus

This is another very popular bonus type available to the regular as well as returning players. The bonus comes in the form of money and is credited as soon as the players make the real money deposit in their casino account. The bonus allocation is generally in the form of a percentage of the initial deposit amount.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeFriend Referral Casino Bonus

Across several industries, customer interaction, retention and networking have become the norm for any business model. For this very reason, it comes with no surprise that the iGaming industry has followed suit. All businesses around the globe want their regular customers and loyal guests to tell their story. This is very the Friend Referral Casino Bonus comes in. Larger is the number of players at the online casinos, the better it gets. There is no better way of enjoying a casino game than with a friend alongside. It is straightforward, just tell your friends to join your preferred casino site. As soon as your friend register an account and make the real money deposit, the operator will give you bonus money for your referral. Generally, the bonus amount is subject to only a number of referrals in a given month or at a time.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeMatch Casino Bonus

It is regarded as one of the favorites for casino players because they don’t have to do anything to receive the bonus money. It is actually free money without any conditions. This form of the bonus has become extremely popular with online casinos lately. The operator will provide the bonus that players have to use on selected games.

There are several match bonuses to choose from like 50% match bonus, 100% match bonus and even a 200% match bonus. Hence, for every deposit, the operator will offer the additional amount. It is essential that players read the fine lines and acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions. It is important to read customer reviews because some match bonus from individual operators are too good to be true.

It is vital that you understand the betting conditions and other limitations related to the match casino bonus. Some restrictions include players to continue wagering with the available deposited amount and incentive bonuses while at different times, they need to meet specific wagering requirements before they can request a withdrawal. It is important to note that not all games are a part of the match bonus and you should claim this bonus depending upon your preference and requirements.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeFree Spin Casino Bonus

It is one of the most common bonus types available at the online casinos. The free spins are directly linked with certain slot games for most of the part and are offered both by the operator and software provider. The free spin bonus is a great way to reward players for account registration with a given casino or promoting new titles upon release.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeOnce a Week/Once a Month Casino Bonus

Another popular bonus that players enjoy a lot is Once a Week or Once a Month bonus. As exciting as the name sounds, this bonus works similar to the match bonus with a certain percentage applied to the deposit amount. But over here, you can claim this bonus not always but either once in a week or once in a month depending on the bonus requirements. Again, we would like to remind our readers and players the bonus comes with specific requirements and limitations that must be followed.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeWager Free Bonus

When you see the words wager free, this is a good thing, as with all wagering requirements, its another restriction on your precious bonus. As you know most bonuses carry high wagering. When you see Wager Free, take a good look as this means that there is no wagering required on that bonus. Weather is be on wager free spins or a wager free bet, you do not have to turn the bonus a number of times to qualify for the winnings to be your own. You simply play the bonus, and any winnings from that play you just made, are yours! So turning it several times, it’s completely yours to take if you want, you are able to withdraw any winnings to collect while playing the bonus. May wager free offers you find normally also have a No Max Win attached also, meaning you can have what ever you win with out it being capped at any certain amount.

Best Wager Free Spins!

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeHigh Roller Bonus

For any good casino player, bonuses and free promotions are a building block as they offer a head start to online gaming. The high roller players invest a lot of money, time and energy in pursuit of their gaming pleasures. For this very reason, the operators come up with a friendly incentive program for the high rollers. This bonus form is not designed for the regular players but for those who play with more substantial deposit amount after registration.

The high roller bonus varies from one casino site to another, and no two bonuses are the same. The bonus is generally offered to the players based on a certain percentage of initial deposit. Usually, it is between 40 to 50 percentage of the amount deposited by the high roller players. It is quite challenging to find a casino where the operator will match the bonus with the deposit amount of high rollers.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeCasino Banking Bonus

Bonuses are for everyone, and it includes players who opt for sophisticated banking methods instead of traditional credit cards for making deposits. The modern form of banking methods is known as E-Wallet in common language and has become extremely popular in recent times. When you choose to deposit money through ewallet like Skrill, Neteller or PayPal, the casino will not only provide the deposit bonus but also offer an extra bonus on this particular banking method. Like for instance, if you use a specific ewallet payment method, you can receive an extra say 20% bonus apart from the regular welcome bonus or match bonus.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeNo Deposit Casino Bonus

It is quite uncommon for online casinos to offer no deposit bonus to players after account registration. What is unique about this bonus type is that the players don’t have to deposit any money to claim the bonus. As soon as you complete the registration process and verify your mobile number, the operator will credit the bonus amount to your casino account. This form of bonus is an excellent way to test out a casino free or play the games without investing money in the first place. But the wagering conditions are very high if you wish to withdraw the winnings from the bonus money.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeLoyalty Casino Bonus

This is a special bonus type that is available especially to the players who have been associated with a given casino for an extended period of time and have reached a particular seniority level. The higher is your VIP status, the more you will get a bonus for your loyalty.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeBirthday Casino Bonus

This type of bonus comes once in a year where the operator likes to reward their players on their birthday. The bonus can be anything in the form of free spins or match deposit. It is a fun and exciting way to use the money to play favorite games. Just imagine spinning the reels on your birthday with free money and scooping a huge reward or jackpot as a result.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeGame Release Casino Bonus

Upon the release of a slot title or other casino games, the operators in conjunction with the software providers offer a tailor-made bonus to the players to celebrate this special event. The bonus can be one or a combination of several bonuses depending on how the promotion is designed. It might be one off for a release day or continue for the entire week. The most common form of bonus is free spins or deposit bonus available on real money games.

Online-Casino-Bonus symbol slotssafeSticky Bonus

This is one bonus type that the operator offers to play with, but you cannot withdraw the bonus funds.  It means you will receive free money to play favorite games and once you reach the playthrough requirement, you can withdraw the winning that is more than the initial deposit amount. Once you request a withdrawal, the operator will remove the bonus money from your casino account.

The casinos are extremely generous with this sticky bonus, and the money is very high which means you can end up playing with a massive bankroll. Few casinos can offer up to $3000 as a sticky bonus alone.

Casino Bonus Tips

We are always on the lookout for the best online casino bonuses for our readers and players alike. We also want to help players in their quest for finding the best bonus. We offer the following tips that can help find and utilize the casino bonus in the best possible way.

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Bonus Tip 1: Choose a Strategy

It is always essential to determine a strategy well in advance, and you stick with that right from the beginning. It can be difficult at times but is often the smartest thing to do. The strategy depends on the player capabilities and personal situation. The first question you need to ask is how much you are willing to invest in the online casino? Are you going to deposit a modest amount or want to take a more significant risk with a large deposit? In the latter case, you should choose for High Roller Bonus, Reload Bonus, VIP Bonus or Deposit Bonus. These bonuses require players to deposit vast sums of money, but serious money will always come your way. If you are depositing a modest amount, you should opt for Welcome Bonus, Match Bonus or Free Spins.

Bonus Tip 2: Playing with a Budget

No matter what type of casino bonus strategy you employ, it is essential that you are playing with a budget in mind. No matter what the case is, you will have to deposit money in your casino account. If you wish to withdraw the free bonus money, you need to make a deposit. It might sound strange, but only through this way, the casino operators can verify that the account contains real money. If you wish to utilize a number of bonuses, it is crucial to have a nice bankroll to finance it. If you enjoy high roller bonus, it is imperative that you play with a proper budget. You should consider this amount as an investment. By cleverly using the bonus, you can not only earn money back but also make huge profits. And this is what you want at the end of the day.

Bonus Tip 3: Score Multiple Bonus

If you want to act smart, you should deposit as much money as possible at many online casinos and get free bonuses wherever possible. It is vital to keep track of your winning and where you are not earning any bonuses. It goes without the saying that you should continue playing at a casino where you have a head start in terms of the bonus. At the same time, it pays a lot to keep scoring new bonuses at the online casinos. So instead of scoring multiple bonuses at a single casino, we recommend utilizing bonuses from different casinos across the web.

Bonus Tip 4: Take Your Time

Of course, it is possible to get instant success and earn a hefty profit in no time. Some bonuses come with a prescribed time limit, and you have to play them quickly. However, it is essential that you take some amount of time to make your choice for a proper casino and the bonus offerings. Don’t be in haste because not every bonus is designed for you. Choose the best bonus plan that meets your playing requirements and help you increase the bankroll over the period of time.

Bonus Tip 5: Look for Wager Free Bonus

Most of us are familiar with the wagering requirements related to casino bonus. Wagering determines how much money players have to bet before they can request a withdrawal. Most casino operator knows that players are not a big fan of wagering requirements. Calculating the wagering amount can be annoying and irritating at times. Luckily, some casinos offer wager free bonus to the players. It means if you are lucky during a free spin round and earn €100, you can withdraw the winning to your bank account immediately without meeting the wagering requirements.

Bonus Tip 6: Read the Fine Prints

The online casino does an excellent job of marketing bonuses with colorful banners and enticing content. You might feel you have got the real corker with plenty of free money or free spins, but it is essential to take a step back and evaluate what you are getting.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the objective of the casino operator is to attract new customers while players want the best value for their money. It is vital to spare some time to understand the fine prints of casino bonuses. Reading the terms can help in understanding the wagering requirements and any other restrictions.

They include game weightings and which games are available where you can use the bonus money. Not all bonuses are worth claiming, and you should claim the one that helps in increasing your bankroll. At the end of the day, it is all about making an educated decision which bonus to claim and which one to ignore to get the best playing value.

Casino Bonuses Conclusion

There are several reasons why we believe that you should try and claim online casino bonus while playing your favorite games. The most obvious reason is you can extend your gameplay with that extra money and free spins (most commonly). In the end, it’s all about fun gaming on online slots and games like roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Why not enjoy this with double or triple money to play with? Of course, the operators impose specific terms and conditions with the casino bonus. Even so, the bonus helps in making the fun last longer, and there are always chances of hitting the bankroll. Another great reason to use the casino bonus is to get more fun out of your favorite game from several online sites.

Now that you have got all the necessary information on casino bonuses, it is now time to have some fun. Start exploring the mesmerizing table games, video slots, live dealer games, and others. Get the most popular online casino bonus the world has ever seen and start your online casino journey towards big wins and loud laughs. In the end, it’s all about having a great time and get adrenaline pumping actions playing the favorite titles.

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